私共は新たなヘアサロンの提案を始めました。リーズナブルなプライスとスタイリッシュさを融合させた新感覚のヘアサロン。ブリティッシュスタイルのインテリアデザインを使いヨーロッパのArt Cafeの様なアーティーな空間を演出し、洗練されたスタイリストがお客様のカットを丁寧かつ素早く行います。

「気軽さ、 リーズナブルプライス、 リラックス、 デザイン」これが私達が考えるお客様へのサービスコンセプトです。

Wolt スタッフ一同

The person who was hard to enter again who was not able to be satisfied with a conventional quick cut. The person whom even a reasonable price demanded service of the one rank up from. The person who was hard to take time to go to the hair salon busily.
It is our salon concept that I gain the favor, and the voice of such a visitor was made.
We began the suggestion of a new hair salon. The hair salon of the new sense that reasonable price and stylish let you fuse. I direct the space that is Artie such as European Art Cafe using the interior design of the British style, and a refined stylist performs the cut of the visitor carefully and quickly. In addition, please let me provide the unprecedented calm salon which can be relaxed to a visitor because you prepare Free Cafe.
"Ease, reasonable price, relaxation, design"
This is the service concept to the visitor whom we think about.
I wait for coming to the store, and being able to experience our service heartily once.

All the Wolt staff

Wolt Cafe  cafe.png
Free Coffee or Tea


Wolt Cafe becomes the self-service. I prepare coffee having just finished sawing it which is high in a fragrance or tea.
Please use it willingly.
There is the day when you are not available by circumstances, but approve it.
I always aim at the most suitable hospitality to a visitor in Wolt.

Membership  ookan.png


I give 10%off free to the visitor of the visit within one month from the last cut.
※ Because you are not available when you do not have a membership card, please be careful.

Stylist hasami.png
Free of charge

■ Takuya Masuda
■ Naoko Himi
■ Chinami Tanaka

I can have a stylist make select in Wolt. (nomination charges free of charge)
If there is a stylist of the nomination, in the case of a reception desk, please order it to the staff willingly.
Because you place the monthly schedule of each stylist in "NEWS" page, please refer.

Education  hea.png
come on

It is irregular and carries out the class of the haircut.
Please inform it of the one with the interest.

Twitter  akusyu.png
wolthair (アカウント名)


We tweet information about salon Wolt.
Please follow us if you are our customer! Thank you.